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roll:() B404 Not Found. He was rolling something in his fingers The ailerons are moved in opposite senses to make the plane roll


roll onto (v.+prep.) turn over sth on sth roll sth onto sth We rolled the barrels of oil onto the ship; arrive; appear roll up We rolled up to the front porch Our dog loves a roll on the grassCenturies rolled byLet's roll up the carpet VOA VOA BBC roll away (v.+adv.) scatter and disappear roll away The clouds are rolling away


10, S++ pron./nHis father took the painting out from the frame and rolled it up for storage., They rolled the child up in a blanketMWhy do they want this?They're rolling in dollars.? roll into (v.+prep.) () (cause to) move along on wheels or by turning over and over into sth roll into sth The ball rolled into the holeVOA


roll by (v.+adv.) go steadily past roll by The years rolled by 2017Baidu APP Welty She wasn't rolling about in the gutter with a bottle of methsroll sth out He rolled out the words, so that everyone could hear., get out of bed roll out I rolled out about three o'clock in the morning to ride guard till daylight., seethe out roll out A pot fell over and some stones rolled out., roll over (v.+adv.) (); (),() rotate and fall over (an edge); turn completely or partially over roll over The car hit a lamppost and rolled over twice before coming to a stop., Every time I rolled over,I woke up because I put my weight on my wounded knee., My horse fell and rolled over on meroll:, A ball can roll smoothly on a plane


roll down (v.+prep.) () (cause to) move along on wheels or by turning over and over roll down sth At the moment heavy rocks and stones rolled down the hillside., She could not help her tears of gratitude rolling down her faceroll sb/sth over A bicycle hit me and rolled me overThe teacher read the roll of graduatesroll: We were rolling along merrily when suddenly we had a burst tyre., roll along2 (v.+prep.) turn upside down or inside out along sth roll sth along sth That boy rolled the ball along the ground The platoon mustered for roll callroll on (v.+adv.) , move forward steadily and continuously roll on The Yangtze River rolls on eastwardsDelegates rolled in from all parts of the country() E 8ca7aef5cf

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